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Andrea Nobili Biography

Born in Bologna in February '58, Mister Andrea Nobile enrole with paratroops until '97 after his secondary school.
In the '80 started managing nightclubs in several towns, such as Tropea,Roma, Roccaroso, Bologna and Modena where his runs a club until the '86. Before that he did a lot different jobs, from '86 to '92 he was envolved in the old and modern art, in the meantime, since he allways as had a great passion for wintage cars and watches he also carried on a trading in
this two sector.

Max Bellocchio, was the one he met in '92 that gave him the possibility to start as a hard actor.
He acheavede quick carrier flewing to Manila where the Directors Luca Damiano and Joe D'Amato called him to play in two movies: " Marco Polo and Aladino". Both movies where filmed in 35mm. He played with Rocco Siffredi and Christofer Clark, with whom he still has a deep friendship.
The Cast included stars like, Tabatha Cash, Giulia Channel, Simona Vani.

Mister Nobili worked with several reknowned Productions such us: Private,Mark Dorcell, B.B., F.M., Top Lina, Rocco Siffredi, J.F.Romagnoli, A.Adamo, Silvio Bandinelli.
Mr. Nobili and Mister Bandinelli won a Golden Impulse Price where he was a leader actor in the "Mamma" movie.
Mr. Nobili turn upside all conventional outlines. He was the one setting up the new trend of acting either with transexuals and women. He played as an actor and started his carreer as Director as well.

"Una vita in vendita" the autobiography that he produced and directed himself in 2002 was one of the most expansive productions all over Europe.
That movie was considered the foreign film at Bruxelles festival in 2003 and mr.Nobili was awarded the first price.
From there on a long series of productions where launced.
He has been Director of some 40 films. All the latest 3 years he also played 2 movies of Tinto Brass: "Senso '45" and "Fallo".
In the later he acts with Federica Tommasi and launced her in the Blu movies world.

In the same year he met, Directed and launced Brigitta Bulgari in "Fashion" "Life" " Sensazioni" "Giovani Troie 1/2".
We can't forget that he also started Alessandra Schiavo carreer in '98. Mr. Worked for long time with Pinko production giving them the exclusive acting. He cooperated with A.T.V. , now he workds as indipendent.
Mr. played 500 movies working with famous actresses like Selen, Kelly Trump, Joe Carins, Deborah Wells, Luana Borgia, Erika Bella, Nikky Anderson, Jessica Rizzo, EVa Enger,Laura Angel,Meridien,Monica Sweethearth,Silvia Saint,Dora Venter,Claudia Ferrari, Erica Neri,Mandy Bright.


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